Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little of this and that...but mostly that!

Happy March 1st! I am so happy that we are closer to spring! Not that the winter here has been horrible but I am ready for longer days and warmer weather! Of course waking up this morning we had about 1 inch of snow. Oh well, it is still winter after Randy and I decided to go for a hike with out the boys today. So the photos are from today and yesterday.

I just thought this was a pretty picture

While hiking Randy found some deer tracks so he went up this very steep ridge and I stayed and waited down a little. So I had some time on my hands to do a little meditate, think, and of course snap a few pictures.....I only put up one of me pondering life!! ;-)

Randy crossing a little creek

Our cat Mikey loves to lay in stuff....anything from paper to Christmas garland, and this morning while putting out some spring/Easter items he decided that he liked the spring like garland as well!!

This is from a few weeks ago but I like this picture of Willie and Nelson

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