Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And then there was light

After the storm and gray sky's the sun and semi blue sky appeared.

More Ice

Well, we have had no school for 2 days and I am getting a little tired of being in the house. Randy was off today as well. We got maybe 5 inches of snow total but then came the sleet, and freezing rain so the snow that we had was very heavy. Randy tried to shovel the drive but it was so heavy so he got out the snow blower. Really it was a water blower today! I just think he likes to play outside! =)

This is a fence out in our back yard and you can see the ice just hanging off the fence and really everything else. Willie has been enjoying playing ball....he slides a little but he does not go thru the ice on the snow.

Ice on the deck

Guess what more Ice!!!

Randy blowing snow and water!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Harrisburg Capital Massage Week

This is a photo from an outing we did at the Harrisburg Capital for Massage Therapy Week. We had a great time while we were there doing chair massages. I am front row 5th one from the left.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so Christmas and trips are over for now and it has been nothing but school and work so I have not had a lot to take pictures of except for my boys.

I was getting ready for school and the boys jumped on the bed to catch a few winks.
Willie, Mike, and Nelson

It's a hard life!!!


Signs of Winter

There are many signs of winter here are a few of my favorites!!

Willie after playing ball in the snow!! How cute!

We have not had a lot of snow this year but we have had a lot of ice! Although it is more dangerous it is really pretty. I am so mad at myself because on my way to school the other day after a lot of ice the trees at the top of the hill looked like glass. It really was pretty....but sorry....out of all 7-8 cameras I own....I did not have one with me!! So you get stuck with this picture!

This is one of my favorites from Christmas, and so I decided to keep it out until at least February.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New York, New Year

Again, what a great time we had with our newest family. We did many things including going to the UN and seeing the play Momma Mia (it was fantastic!!) We can't wait to see them again!!

Everyone waving good bye to us as we left Central Park to head back to the train.

Our new family...minus one sister!

B doing what she loves taking pictures.

And exactly how many people does it take to find the metro???

All of us in front of the UN

New Years, New York

We left for New York on New Years day to Meet up with the Camus family who were visiting for the Holidays. We had a fantastic time!! Here are a few pictures from our first day.

B, Ran, and Me at the "top of the rock". You can see the Empire state building in the back ground.

B-zer in Times square

Does this look familiar??


The past few weekends we having been taking some time out of our busy day's to go out with the boy's for a hike. They love it and so do we. The weather has not been the best in fact everytime it has rained a little but we did not care. We still had fun!

They thought that they had to cross this to get to the other side and they did not think they were so willing to do that!!

Me and my boys!

I love this picture. Willie hot on Randy's heels.

Christmas 08

This Christmas was very quiet from the last few but we still had a wonderful day. Christmas Eve we went to George and Barb's house which we always enjoy and one of my favorite gifts this year was from Barb (and George...but really Barb) She crochet us (ME) and blanket. I love it! It is beautiful and very warm. I only wish I were as talented!

And what everyone should do on a Christmas afternoon....

Every year we try and get a picture of the boys under the tree and every year the dogs think they are in hell. They must be getting use to this or I am getting better and more prepared because they did not seem to hate it as much as usual. Maybe it was the treats!! This photo was the last one and I think is my favorite.

About half way thru this Willie is looking at me like please no more!

Every year when I go up to Wellsboro to the Dickens of a Christmas I buy an ornament from Hospice in honor of my Mom and Dad. At first I bought one for each of them but now I just buy one for both. I was afraid that it would not take very long and I would have to have a tree just for these ornaments. Although it has been almost 12 years since my Dad has been gone and 5 years since my Mom has been some days it's just harder then others not having them. I don't know if they ever knew this but they were my hero's and I will forever miss them. This ornament I bought a few years ago and I think it sums it up......Forever in our hearts. And that is where they will always be. Miss you both!!

Christmas 08 (Part 2)

Mikey is not as excited about getting gifts but he sure does love the paper and "stuff" he can get into!!

Willie and Nelson LOVE getting gifts!! Here they are while Randy is opening their cute!

Gifts from The Fischer Family

Gifts from the Lehsau Family

Finally.....OUR TREE!!!!