Tuesday, August 4, 2009

After graduation


Dorinda's Graduation

I graduated July 16....it was just 13 of us but it was great!

This is out final group hug!!

It looks like I a going to cry....but I didn't !!

Big hug from Tamara!

On the deck waiting to be called down!

Steve, Kendra, Kayla W., Me, Jeannette, Em, Angie, Amy, Sue, Tarah, Kayla B.
missing Tanya, Sarah


Well, He has done it again! Randy graduated July 10th with his MBA. We went up to Albany for the graduation.....it was very nice!! I am so proud of you Randy!!

Soledad O'Brien was the keynote speaker she did a great job!!

Look how proud I am!!!

4th of July

We went to our friend Daria's this year for dinner and fireworks. She only lives about 1 block from where they set them off so it was great!! Very odd year weather wise. Normally it is so hot you can't stand it this year....not so much! We borrowed close from Daria because it was so cold! Now that is not so bad for me because we are about the same height but for Randy....it was a bit funny!!! We still had a great time despite the fact it was freezing!!

I tired taking pictures this year of the fireworks....not bad!

Me and Daria in the yard all covered up!

Guess who?

Randy eating and hummm someone watching??

The master BBQ man!!

Just Pretty

We had a storm a few weeks ago and this beautiful rainbow appeared after it...I was really close. I don't think we have ever seen one that close to us. No pot of gold.....we looked!! If you notice there is a double rainbow...very cool!!

Timi in America!

Tim came to visit for a few weeks in June. He went to OC with some friends for 1 week and then stayed with us for the next week. I don't have any pictures from OC....humm wonder why?? It was great seeing him....we sure did miss him!!

We have to have a goofy photo!!

Or make it 2......
This one is at the airport!

I like this one!!

Tim at laser bowling....

Colleen's Big 50!!

My much older sister :-) turned 50 this year!!! Her BFF Lisa and I started planning this party months ago! I think I called Lisa in February the first time. We tried to do a surprise party...and I think it went well since we had it 2 weeks before her birthday. Lisa was amazing and made all the food and cake....I did the invites and we had a party. 2 days before the party I hurt my back and was unable to make the trip. After months of work I was very upset about it...but it all went just great!! Happy Big 50 Colleen!!!

Colleen on the phone to me!

Colleen and BFF Lisa!!

Opening some gifts

Lisa did a great job with the cake!! Beautiful!!

Colleen when she got home and saw everyone!

My wonderful husband made the trip up there with all the stuff I needed to bring to the party and he took these pictures!! Thank you love!!