Saturday, February 7, 2009

Afternoon Walk

Well, after several weekends that it has been to cold or snowy to go out hiking we finally had some good weather today. It was about 45, the sun was out and although there was still a lot of snow up in the mountains it was still a good.

Willie and Nelson

I love this picture of Randy

Me and the boys

Randy and Nelson

A little creek in the middle of it all

Super Bowl Magic

I had to make a quick trip to Wellsboro for an appointment I had on Monday so I left on Sunday afternoon....just in time for the big super bowl. Jen is a huge Steelers fan so she had a little party at her house and it was rockin'!! And you will be able to see that in these pics!!

Jen's Mom Carol....All smiles

Jen looking really happy!!

Here comes the wild part......Court texting while laying on the couch!

Opps....this is a wild one here!!!

Cam looking totally into the game....wait is that a computer on his lap...I am sure he was getting all the low down on the game!

And finally baby Jemma.....just can't take anymore!!

And after all this the Steelers won and we went to bed!

Sled Riding

Friends of Tim's called one night to see if Randy would like to come out and sled ride with them across the street at the church. So Randy bundled up and off he went. Here are a few pictures of the boy's. The funny part is Randy was out there maybe a 1/2 hour then came in and was saying "Oh we hit a bump and I jammed my back" "Ohh, I hit my butt too it really is hurting"....these are comments I doubt we would have heard if he were say.....15 years younger. Oh, the aches and pains of age and sled riding.

Putting on there best game face!

Devan and Karl....Karl is down and he has not even made it out of the parking lot!