Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes or No

Randy went hunting for 12 days so I asked him not to shave the whole time. So he came home with a bit of a beard (which I did not take a picture of...what was I thinking) but I wanted to see what he would look like with a bit of facial hair. I like it. What do you think? With him retiring in May he can actually have this look for the fall!!

My girls

Not only did Jess graduate but the girls had a Christmas dance so everyone was looking beautiful!!

Jess, Linds, Me, Tay

Taylor, Jess, and Linds


Congrat's Jess

This young lady was our flower girl in our wedding almost 20 years ago and 1 week ago she graduated from college!! I am putting a side how old I feel because I am so proud of her. She is going to be a teacher and she is going to be fantastic!! LOVE YOU JESS!!

Jessica and Me

Makes my heart proud

2 folks who are even more proud....her parents!

My oldest Friend

This is my friend Tanya and we have been friends since the 2nd grade. So she is my "oldest" friend!!

Not one good one!!

My baby nephew (he's 24) and his wife were home visiting after 2 years away and we decided to try and get a photo of us all.....NOT ONE turned out good. Most of them that were ok, my sister's eyes were closed or the Boy's were messing around! Oh well!! This is our family!

Opps, I did not get in the picture in time!

I know it's hard to tell but Bret is messing around and non of the girls can keep their eyes open.

Not bad....Colleen's eyes are shut!

This is the best one!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree!!

Ok, anyone who knows me knows that I take forever to find the "perfect" Christmas tree. But this year was different!! We found the tree in about 15 mins. Randy was in shock. I have taken over an hour in a blizzard with it -5 degrees ( that was not a good day for us) But I have to say I am very sad because I had other pictures of not only our tree but of Dickens of a Christmas that have some how disappeared from my camera . I know they were there but are gone now. I am hoping one day they re-appear but until then this is all I have. I also do not have a picture of our complete tree yet.....but it's beautiful!!!

Me giving our tree some love and kind words!

The mighty tree cutter!

The Airport

Well, Like always when it is time to say good bye it is always an emotional roller coaster!! We got to the airport to find out that her plane was delayed so we just had some time to kill. We took a lot of goofy photos!!

Trying to turn my frown upside down!!

Randy and B goofin'

Her Plane leaving.....BYE B WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

Last Day of School

I took this picture on B's last day of school on her way home from the bus stop.

Making Cookies

Before B left to go back to France we tried to fit in some cookie making so she could see some of the cookies that we do for Christmas. Ok, I have to admit I don't usually make these but my good friend Barb does every year. She is a great friend!! Here are just a few....

My favorite peaches.....and you can eat as many as you would like because they are a fruit!!

Opps are we making them or eating them?

Working hard

Fooling around

This is great!!

Birthday Weekend

For my birthday Our family along with the Clemens and the Copp's decided to go to Hershey park and spend the night. Of course it rained all day on Saturday so we were unable to go but we had a good time anyway. We woke up Sunday to a beautiful day. We could not go to the park though since everyone had to head home but we did get to do a little sight seeing.

B hanging off the very famous light post in downtown Hershey.

This is one of my favorite pictures. In Hershey near the plant where they make the chocolate it smells so good so of course B has her nose in the air!!

Randy, B and Me in front of the Hershey factory

In our hotel room while we waited for it to stop raining!

Homecoming Dance

Everyone looked beautiful/handsome for the homecoming dance. And B got to wear her dress for a second time. The whole weekend was great. We surprised everyone that we were coming up and B got to go to school for the day. She liked it better then here it is a much smaller and friendlier school. It was also Taylor's birthday weekend. We brought up her friend Wes to surprise her. Great time.

B and Me

The crazy shot!!

The good shot....B, Linds, Wes, Taylor, and Danielle

Cam going to his first and last dance. Jen and I finally got him talked into going to a dance and he did and Hated it!!! He was in a bad mood and said never again! We are hoping to get him to go to prom but I don't think our odds are good!

Court, Cam and Katie looking good!!

Homecoming game

What do you think of when I say....Freezing, Hot chocolate, losing??? If you said, Wellsboro homecoming football game you would be correct. But, for all it's down falls I LOVE IT!!!

Miss Taylor with her "King" Not the best photo but you get the idea.

Grampa Snip keepin warm!!

Jen and B looking good and cold!

That is right.....HOT COCOA!!!

Homecoming Parade

B and I went up to Wellsboro for the Homecoming parade, football game and dance. Miss Taylor got home coming queen for the sophomore class!! We are so proud!! B had a great time with everyone and even road on the float!!

Cam on the Senior float....he is the one in the black

The gang waiting for the parade to begin.....I LOVE PARADES!!!

Taylor throwing candy

B having a great time on the senior float.

Taylor looking Beautiful!!!


B and her friend from Germany Jose went to the Homecoming dance together. They had their make-up done and looked beautiful. B did not like her make-up but I think because she was not use to wearing so much. They had a great time at their first American dance!!

The new fav....Paintball!!

Ok, the pictures are a little out of order but Randy has taken up paintball....not really sure why since every time he comes home he has "war wounds" but he keeps going back. This time B decided she would like to go....I don't think it was really her cup of tea but she held her own (kind of ;-) I have another picture that of when he went a few weeks ago I need to put on here you will not believe how bad his leg looked....stay tuned!

This is what a paintball mark looks like.....thanks Randy for taking one for a picture opportunity!! wink wink

His shirt

B looking good and ready to go!!

A French girls favorite

B was always a great eater...she liked everything and was willing to try anything. She fell in Love with Strawberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese on top.