Monday, October 27, 2008

Making a Basket

Every year Longaberger basket comes to Boyds bear country in Gettysburg and this year Jen and I went and made our baskets. I don't have a picture of the final basket but it is really cute.

Putting on the handle

Jen hammering in her nails

Jen is a natural weaver!

All smiles!!

The biggest basket ever!!

More Fun

Tay and B

B riding the go girl

Looks like she is having fun!!

The feet of mini golf

Lins looking like a professional!

Just having fun

The next several pictures are ones of us in Wellsboro just having fun! I hope these pictures show just how much fun we had. I was so happy that B's first full week in America she could meet some really great people and I know some lifelong friends!

B eating a mountain pie!

Toasting marshmallows

Tay riding the scooter

We played volleyball with this really big cool ball. Linds tossing the ball up in the air.

This is one of my favorite's me with a really big head!! B took an amazing photo!!

Corning Glass

I had not been to Corning Glass in years so this was a great place to take B. We had a great time!

I think this is a cool picture

Glass Flowers

B in the "hot zone"

Tay in the "hot zone"

Very cool and all made of glass....not really sure what it is suppose to be.


All the kids went bowling....they had a great time.

Court, Cam, Mad, Tay, Jess, B and Linds

Mad's looking cute!

Cam and his lucky socks

Linds and B

Musical talent

We started out by playing wii and then it went down hill from there!! Larry use to play the accordion so we brought the beast out (and I do mean beast) and did our best. Then we also set up rock band from wii and again all I can say least you just have to look at the pictures you didn't have to hear it!! Be Thankful!!!

Me....and it looks like I may be singing.....yikes!!

I think Kate is really liking this!!!

The Rock Band
B on guitar and singing, Linds on guitar and singing, Tay on drums, Kate on guitar and yelling, and Jess on accordion!

Wellsboro Grand Canyon

2 days after B arrived we took a rode trip to Wellsboro. We did many things and B made some great friends that I know she will have forever! This is the very famous Wellsboro's "little" Grand Canyon.

Jess and Linds.....funny thing about this photo....2 seconds after this picture was taken B say a snake and all the girls went running, climbing, and screaming away!!

B and Linds giving a very strong statue a kiss!

Me and B


Jess, Linds, and B

B's 1st day in America

B's 1st day in America and we put her to work baking. Ok, so it was not that hard and really she enjoyed it as well!!! She did most of it on her own.....and the chocolate chip cookies turned out great. Good Job Berangere.

B enjoying the fruits of her labor!


She is a natural!!

B is not happy that I am putting these photo's on the blog because she said she looks bad.....I don't think so....but keep in mind she just arrived less then 12 hours before this photo was taken.

Long Time

Ok, Ok, I know I have been hearing you for a while now.....where are the new pictures!!! So over the next few days I am going to be updating the blog so hold on I am going back into August!! So much has happened. You will see a lot of pictures of our exchange student Berangere from France.....we call her "B". Enjoy the pics!