Monday, August 11, 2008

Bad weather

Yesterday we had a cool front move in and with it, there was major amounts of hail. I don't remember every seeing as much. I was worried about the cars and the house but everything was ok. However, our plants took a beating. It's very sad how bad they look.

Can you believe....more Germany

Ok, This is the final post with pictures from Germany. I didn't plan it very well so, this looks like the first post but you have to scroll down to see the beginning with all the other ones in between. I have a few more pictures that I did not add to the computer yet....but I think this is good for now. We had a great time as you can tell from the pictures and we are looking forward to returning a few years.

Tim and Randy on the boat to The north Fisian Island of Fohr.

Randy with some hair help from Nina!!

A windmill on Fohr

Thank you to everyone who made this trip one that we will never forget. We love you all and will miss you.....until we see each other again!!!

More, More Germany


Profressional Golfers!!!

Randy and Tim having a beer.....he's legal in Germany....Tim that is!!

More Germany

Brandenburg gate

In front of a piece of the Berlin wall


Hallo....we have just returned from Germany where we spent about 17 days. We had a great time in this beautiful country. We saw many things while we were there but the best was seeing our "Kids" and spending time with our German family. We have 2 German families and it was great to see and even meet some of them. We have over 1000 photos that we took so here is just a sampling of a few places. Hope you enjoy!!



R and D in Lubeck


Does this look familiar?? This was were Obama gave his speech. In fact we were in Berlin while he was there. We did not go and see him speak but we did watch it on TV.