Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Closing down the store

My store.....I will miss you!
The girls checking it all out at a crop
Wolfgang, Iris, Dorinda and Randy hold Ann-ca
Our german family that we miss so much!

For those who do not know...I bought a scrapbooking business a few years ago and the beginning of December I decided to close the store. There are just to many things that we would like to do and this ties us down. So...as of 28 Feb. I will be jobless and a few weeks later on a plane to France with my girls from the WB. Can't wait!! Oh and don't be sad for Randy and Tim, they will be having a good old time with out me! Plus Ran and I will be heading to Germany later in the year....to visit our German family the Lehsau's and also Tim and his family.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Trying to figure it all out

Ok, so after a few years of looking at our friends blogs we have finally made the leap to start one for ourselves. I am not computer literate so please bear with me as I am sure to have some kinks to work out. I thought I would start with a few Christmas photos! Hope you enjoy!
Randy, Tim from Germany, and Dorinda at Christmas Party
Willie and Nelson