Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the lake

We had a great day on the lake. The kids loved it....I almost read correct....died!! But, I can't find any of the pictures that B took of me before and after so I will have to add them later. I will also save the story!

Cam's hair after a day on the lake....hehe!!

B driving the boat....she did well....really likes to go fast....scarrryyyy!!

B, Linds and Me

Cam up on ski's only his first time!

Lind's up as well. B did not get up the first day but did the 2nd although I can not find the photos.

Jess jumping from the rocks

After the big jump!!

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Bérangère said...

I love the pic of you, Linds and I =) even if we can see a little of my red face!!!