Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Everyone looked beautiful/handsome for the homecoming dance. And B got to wear her dress for a second time. The whole weekend was great. We surprised everyone that we were coming up and B got to go to school for the day. She liked it better then here it is a much smaller and friendlier school. It was also Taylor's birthday weekend. We brought up her friend Wes to surprise her. Great time.

B and Me

The crazy shot!!

The good shot....B, Linds, Wes, Taylor, and Danielle

Cam going to his first and last dance. Jen and I finally got him talked into going to a dance and he did and Hated it!!! He was in a bad mood and said never again! We are hoping to get him to go to prom but I don't think our odds are good!

Court, Cam and Katie looking good!!

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