Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Colleen's Big 50!!

My much older sister :-) turned 50 this year!!! Her BFF Lisa and I started planning this party months ago! I think I called Lisa in February the first time. We tried to do a surprise party...and I think it went well since we had it 2 weeks before her birthday. Lisa was amazing and made all the food and cake....I did the invites and we had a party. 2 days before the party I hurt my back and was unable to make the trip. After months of work I was very upset about it...but it all went just great!! Happy Big 50 Colleen!!!

Colleen on the phone to me!

Colleen and BFF Lisa!!

Opening some gifts

Lisa did a great job with the cake!! Beautiful!!

Colleen when she got home and saw everyone!

My wonderful husband made the trip up there with all the stuff I needed to bring to the party and he took these pictures!! Thank you love!!

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