Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 08

This Christmas was very quiet from the last few but we still had a wonderful day. Christmas Eve we went to George and Barb's house which we always enjoy and one of my favorite gifts this year was from Barb (and George...but really Barb) She crochet us (ME) and blanket. I love it! It is beautiful and very warm. I only wish I were as talented!

And what everyone should do on a Christmas afternoon....

Every year we try and get a picture of the boys under the tree and every year the dogs think they are in hell. They must be getting use to this or I am getting better and more prepared because they did not seem to hate it as much as usual. Maybe it was the treats!! This photo was the last one and I think is my favorite.

About half way thru this Willie is looking at me like please no more!

Every year when I go up to Wellsboro to the Dickens of a Christmas I buy an ornament from Hospice in honor of my Mom and Dad. At first I bought one for each of them but now I just buy one for both. I was afraid that it would not take very long and I would have to have a tree just for these ornaments. Although it has been almost 12 years since my Dad has been gone and 5 years since my Mom has been some days it's just harder then others not having them. I don't know if they ever knew this but they were my hero's and I will forever miss them. This ornament I bought a few years ago and I think it sums it up......Forever in our hearts. And that is where they will always be. Miss you both!!

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colleen said...

Wonderful I really enjoy your blog.How bout a pic of boys for me your old sister.great pics but none of us when you were here like Boband Randy. lol love you Colleen