Monday, July 14, 2008

The best tasting thing on earth!!!

OK, Here is a little back ground on the Tim Tam's. Tim's sister was doing a work program in Australia and for Christmas she sent him some Tim Tam's. Tim had so much candy that it took him several months to open them to eat but then offered some to me once he did. Well, I will try to describe what it was like....It was like the angels were singing!! I have never tasted anything like them before. They are crispy almost like a cookie then in the middle some cream stuff and then chocolate coated around the whole thing. But the just amazing. So, needless to say I had SEVERAL of them and almost cried when they were gone. I thought I will never taste them again. And then one day it hit me....if they sell them in Australia then I bet they would have them in New Zealand.....and why does this excite me??? Because we have very dear friends in NZ!!!! So, I sent them a message and the WONDERFUL people that they are they sent us 3 packages of them!!! I almost cried when I opened the mailbox last Friday and there was a package and I knew!! So, here is a picture of them. If you have ever had them you know what I am talking about, if you have never had them......well, I am sorry. If I was a good person I would tell you I will share....but I am not that good of a person. I would hurt someone for taking any of them!!! I really don't like to share with Randy. And if he gets out of control with them....I will hide them!!! OH YES I WILL!!! I really think that I should contact the Company that makes them and see just how we go about bringing them to the states. I will start the petition!! I do want to say to dear Keith and Sandra in NZ.....I LOVE YOU, you are the BEST!!!!!

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