Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hershey Park

The weather man said we were going to have bad storms and rain on and off all day but we decided to go to Hershey Park anyway with our "family" from upstate. So off we went and were in a down pour with thunder and lighting on the tram to the park. We went to Chocolate world first and sure enough it had stopped raining when we came out and never rained again the whole day!! Here are some pictures of our day.

My hero!! Randy and the boys decided to try a game this one you had to swing the hammer and try to get it up as far as you honey hit it at 88 our of 100!!!

And won me this stuffed animal!! I think this is the first time he has ever won me anything!!!!

One of the many roller coasters they have.

The Kissing Tower

Linds and Taylor....eating ice cream

Tim and Wess with the Reeses peanut butter cup

Kate and Taylor

Randy and Kate on the Kissing Tower.....were they kissing?? What happens in Hershey stays in least that is what I heard!!

Dorinda and Randy riding the sky kind of ride!

The kids had a great time!!

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