Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Closing down the store

My store.....I will miss you!
The girls checking it all out at a crop
Wolfgang, Iris, Dorinda and Randy hold Ann-ca
Our german family that we miss so much!

For those who do not know...I bought a scrapbooking business a few years ago and the beginning of December I decided to close the store. There are just to many things that we would like to do and this ties us down. So...as of 28 Feb. I will be jobless and a few weeks later on a plane to France with my girls from the WB. Can't wait!! Oh and don't be sad for Randy and Tim, they will be having a good old time with out me! Plus Ran and I will be heading to Germany later in the year....to visit our German family the Lehsau's and also Tim and his family.


Becky said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

I LOVE your haircut! It's so cute. I'm sorry your having to close the store. I know you'll be happier having more time to do the things you are wanting to do.

Have a great time in France. Ooh la la! : )

Now see, posting on someone's elses blog isn't too bad is it?! haha - just giving you a hard time!

Colleen said...

I love it you figure it out then you can help me set one up.I'd love a pic of the boys to frame.Luvya your sista

Collazo617 said...

Good for you - a new blog, France - looks like you have plenty of adventures ahead of you. Enjoy & keep the pictures coming.